Intune – Get Assigned Groups per Application

In this post we will write a PowerShell script that gets the assigned groups per application in Intune.

Script Logic

This script will be used to get the assigned groups for each application in Intune. Initially it will query all the application created and then search for all the groups assigned to these applications.

We will create a Graph API request through PowerShell that will fetch all the necessary data and we will process them accordingly.

To find the Graph API URL (query) you can use the hack described in this post or read the corresponding Microsoft documentation.

Script to get assigned groups per application

The script to get the assigned groups per application is shown below.

The below code returns the applications assigned to Windows devices. The initial Graph API query can be modified accordingly to fetch any application wanted.


# url to get the desired apps. In this example all apps assigned to Windows devices are selected.
$url = ""+'$filter'+"=(isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsStoreApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.microsoftStoreForBusinessApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.officeSuiteApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.win32LobApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsMicrosoftEdgeApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsPhone81AppX%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsPhone81StoreApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsPhoneXAP%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsAppX%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsMobileMSI%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsUniversalAppX%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.webApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.windowsWebApp%27)%20or%20isof(%27microsoft.graph.winGetApp%27))%20and%20(microsoft.graph.managedApp/appAvailability%20eq%20null%20or%20microsoft.graph.managedApp/appAvailability%20eq%20%27lineOfBusiness%27%20or%20isAssigned%20eq%20true)&$orderby=displayName&"
$apps = (Invoke-MSGraphRequest -Url "$url" -HttpMethod Get).Value

# create a new table object to present the results
$table = New-Object System.Data.DataTable

$table.Columns.Add("ApplicationName") | Out-Null
$table.Columns.Add("ApplicationID") | Out-Null
$table.Columns.Add("GroupName") | Out-Null
$table.Columns.Add("GroupID") | Out-Null

# iterate through all apps and get assignments
foreach ($app in $apps){
    # for each app get the app name and id
    $appID = $
    $appDisplayName = $app.displayName
    # create the Graph API url to get the groups assigned to each application
    $assignmentUrl = "$appID/?"+'$expand'+"=categories,assignments"
    $assignments = (Invoke-MSGraphRequest -Url "$assignmentUrl" -HttpMethod Get)

    # iterate through all assigned groups
    foreach ($assignment in $assignments){
        $assignedGroupsIDs = $
        foreach ($group in $assignedGroupsIDs){
            $groupID = $group.groupId
            # create the Graph API url and get the group name
            $groupUrl = "$groupID"
            $groupDetails = (Invoke-MSGraphRequest -Url "$groupUrl" -HttpMethod Get)
            $groupName = $groupDetails.displayName
            $table.Rows.Add($appDisplayName, $appID, $groupName, $groupID)

# display the results and export a csv
$table | Out-GridView
$table | Export-Csv -Path "C:\Users\Public\AppsAndGroups.csv" -Delimiter "," -Encoding UTF8 -NoTypeInformation -NoClobber

When we run the above a table showing the applications and their assigned groups as well as a CSV with the data are generated.

Intune - Get Assigned Groups per Application

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